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[Event] Get a Freebie with Your Classic Story Order!

The Classic Story merchandise is finally in!

Beautifully illustrated stationery based on favorite children’s classics and fairty tales such as Alice in Wonderland, The Wizard of Oz, Heidi and more.

All these works have been created by local Korean illustrators.

We hope to expand this line by adding more products gradually, so there’s definitely more to come!


[ Classic Story Line Event ]

From now till the end of March, get a freebie with your order!

  • $25 or more and get a free My Mini Notebook
  • $50 or more and get a free My Mini Notebook + Memo Pad (1 of the memo pads currently sold as a set of 2)


Please refer below for images of freebies given. (Random selection will be sent out.)

  My Mini Notebooks                                               Memo Pads



  1. Order total is based only on Classic Story merchandise and does not include S&H costs.
  2. Only the selected freebies specified above are available.
  3. Only 1 Price Tier is applicable for order.
    (Eg: If your merchandise total comes to $75, you receive the freebie(s) for ‘orders $50 or more’ and not that for ‘orders $25’ or more).
  4. A random theme will be sent out.
  5. Lasts till March 31, 2019 11:59pm Korea time (GMT+9).

Want to see if there’s anything you like and get your freebie? Simply click on the banner below!



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