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We’ve Launched a New Website

Due to technical issues with our existing solution provider we had been extremely frustrated about not being able to offer our customers a better shopping experience. Customers were sometimes experiencing hiccups with payment and there were limitations to our website. We were well aware that a big change was due, but it just took us longer than anticipated. But, now the longer overdue change has come!

So what exactly has changed? We're excited to explain it to you!


Previously our server (which is basically where a website sits – i.e. it’s like a home for our website) was located in Korea and this had sometimes caused speed issues as most of our customers are based in the US. We hope that with the transfer customers will be able to access our website faster than before with less hiccups. We may not be as lightning fast as many big websites, but if you feel that it is still too slow, please get in touch!


We believe the new website offers a cleaner and more user-friendly design. (We certainly hope you agree!) We are also using a solution that is more easily customizable, so we hope it will improve your overall shopping experience.


Our new system will hopefully allow us as well as our customers to view and manage their order status more easily. This means the automated emails that you once used to receive are back! You will also be able to view your order on our website to get a better idea of its status without having to ask us directly (although we always are happy to hear from you)!


Yes, we now also have a coupon system! This means we will be offering them to loyal customers and/or during special events! I personally love a good coupon when shopping and hope to make your experience more fun and enjoyable!


Although we attempted this aspect previously with our adoptive family gallery and occasional posts, there were numerous limitations. Now with a proper blog functionality, we hope to share Korea and its culture with you more often. It’s about having a place where our customers can learn about Korea, but also share their opinions! We also hope to have exciting opportunities in the future to collaborate with other individuals or companies such as ourselves.


During the early stages of our business, we were eager to offer as many products as possible on our website. This meant anything from single trinkets to educational material for children to celadon pottery. We have come to realize that this actually deters from our providing better products and services to our customers! For a small family-run business like ourselves, it was simply too overwhelming to maintain and manage stock for the hundreds of items (of which some were quite big in volume)! And so, we decided to downsize. We hope to be offering more unique and substantial items.

To celebrate the launch of our new website, we have some goodies prepared for our customers!


Simply drag and copy the code below and enter it on the checkout page to get 10% off!



 Terms & Conditions

  • 10% applies only to merchandise and does not apply to sale items or S&H costs.
  • Valid only on minimum orders of $20.
  • Coupon cannot be used in conjunction with other coupons.
  • 1 coupon valid per customer for single use.
  • Coupon valid till October 2, 2018.




If you’re happy to see our new website and would like to root for us, please leave a comment below for this post. Then if you place an order by October 2, 2018, we will send out a small freebie with your order!

Terms & Conditions

  • Valid till October 2, 2018.
  • Offer valid in conjunction with 10% coupon outlined in 1 above.
  • Name in comment must match that on order.


Well, thank you for reading this far! We truly hope that you enjoy shopping with us.

Should you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below!

Positive comments from our lovely customers always put a smile on the face of our Mom and Aunt team at Arts & Crafts Korea. 🙂


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