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Celebrating Hangul Day!

Today (October 9) is Hangul Day in Korea!

Hangul Day is a national holiday in Korea celebrating the invention and proclamation of Hangul, the Korean alphabet.

Before the invention of the Korean writing system, Koreans mainly used Chinese characters as well as a very old native phonetic writing system. But, this was a problem for the lower class people who weren’t as privileged as the upper class in receiving proper education. The Chinese writing system had very many characters and also it was different to the native phonetic writing system causing a lot of difficulties. King Sejong recognized this problem and realized the need to create a new writing system for the common people and invented Hangul. The writing system was proclaimed in 1446.

“A wise man can acquaint himself with [hangul] before the morning is over; a stupid man can learn [it] in the space of ten days.” – King Sejong

Today Hangul is appreciated by many scholars and linguists as the most scientific language in the world. To read more about Hangul, click here.

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