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[CLICK – MUST READ] Shipping Restrictions and Delays Due to Covid-19

Updated: April 6, 2020 (Korea Time)

Dear Customer,

Due to the worsening situation with Covid-19 worldwide, many countries are either suspending or reducing international flights. As a result, international airmail delivery is also being affected, with some destinations no longer accepting parcels. Those destinations that do accept parcels are seeing a delay in deliveries. Please refer to the information below when placing your order so that you can get your order in time. We will do our best to update this page to reflect real-time changes. If you have any questions regarding your order, please contact us here.

We understand it’s a very difficult time for everyone not just in terms of health and safety, but also financially. Arts & Crafts Korea will continue to support small businesses that are especially struggling during these difficult times. Please join us in and support your local small business (where physically possible) so individuals and families may get through these hard times.


▼ Countries We Can Ship to With Delays (Up To 1 Month)

China / Germany / Hong Kong / Indonesia / Lithuania / Luxembourg / Russia / Singapore / Thailand / UK (Except Virgin Islands) / Vietnam 



▼ Countries we CANNOT Ship to

If your country is not mentioned in the above ‘we can ship to’ list, we cannot ship to you currently, except in the following cases:


Canada – Only EMS ONLY to Toronto area

France – Only EMS

Japan – Only EMS ONLY to Tokyo, Osaka areas

USA – Only EMS to Nationwide (EXCEPT Hawaii)

If you are shipping to these countries, select EXPEDITED AIRMAIL (EMS) when checking out. Other shipping options are not possible. Delivery delays still possible with EMS.


We apologize we are unable to update our website cart system to technically reflect all the changes occurring to every destination (Eg: Only Expedited Airmail to the US, no shipping to Sweden, etc.). It is extremely difficult as the situation is changing almost daily and we’re seeing different conditions for different countries. 

Lastly, Paypal charges us a fee when we receive payment from our customers for an order. Previously, they refunded this fee when the order was canceled, but now they no longer do. This means we are having to pay a Paypal processing fee even for orders we have no choice but to cancel because customers have selected the incorrect form of shipping (most likely as they did not read this page). As we cannot continue to pay a fee for orders we cannot process (as the recent Covid-19 shipping restrictions are out of our control), from now on we will be deducting our Paypal fee when we issue your refund. This means the total you will be refunded is: PAYMENT TOTAL – PAYPAL PROCESSING FEE. We hope you understand this is a difficult decision for us during such difficult times.

We hope these turbulent times will pass soon for not just ourselves, but also everyone else in the world! Please stay safe!

If you have any questions re: delivery, please contact us.


The Arts & Crafts Korea Family


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