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Han-gwa, also known as traditional Korean sweets or confectionary, are often made using grains (often rice), honey, nuts, and fruit. They were especially popular and developed during the Goryeo and Shilla Dynasties, served on special occasions such as ancestral rites, weddings and banquets. Today, they are often enjoyed at traditional tea houses or as special, classy gifts.

The Dammijeong (Dam-mi-jung) Hwan Gwa Gift Set is comprised of 2 layers of various sweets.

Due to the porous structure of the snacks, the taste and texture may change when in contact with air for a prolonged period of time. Please store in a cool place and in airtight containers once opened.

A classy gift for anyone with a sweet tooth. Comes wrapped in a bojaki (traditional Korean wrapping cloth).

Dimensions – App. 45 x 35 x 7(cm) / 17.7 x 13.8 x 2.76 (inches)

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