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A tribute to the “Goryeo, the Glory of Korea” exhibition, this beautiful gold-plated brooch has been designed in a carp motif. 

This brooch is unique because it utilizes magnets to stay put. No need to pin and unpin it and damage the material of your attire, but simply use the magnets included to easily move positions.

Comes in a box with a cloth pouch and 2 magnets.

Traditionally in Korea the carp symbolizes the self-made man/success and reproduction/fertility.

A gate called Deungyong-mun was where a person who passed the civil service exam had the honor of facing the king. The legend of the gate very closely related to a carp: “Every spring, carps were swimming against the strong stream around the place named yongmun, and the one which was successful to go up against it turned into a dragon.” Based on this context, people compared the scholar (who passed the exam and made something of himself against all difficulties) to a carp that was transformed into a dragon. Additionally, when a carp gives birth, it lays thousands of eggs, so people associate it with reproduction.

Dimensions – App. 2.7 x 4 cm / 4.5 x 5.7 inches

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Weight300 g
Dimensions2.7 × 4 cm


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