[NMK] Taegeukgi Korean Flag Notebook Set (of 5)


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Set of 5 ruled notebooks with the Denny Taegeuki on the front.

The Denny Taegeukgi is a national flag that King Gojong, the 26th monarch of the Joseon Dynasty, reportedly gave to his U.S. diplomatic adviser Owen N. Denny (1838-1900) in 1890. King Gojong apparently expressed his gratitude to him by bestowing a national flag, which is to be specially revealed to the public. Made by two sets of cotton clothes pieced together, Denny’s Taegukgi is 263 centimeters wide and 180 centimeters high. Taeguk, a yin-yang symbol at the center of the flag, was sewn with red and blue clothes, and four black trigrams look similar to those of today’s flag. Denny’s Taegukgi had been kept by his descendants until it was donated to the National Museum of Korea in 1981. It was registered as a cultural heritage in 2008 ahead of the Liberation Day.

Dimensions – App. 18.5 x 26 cm / 7.28 x 10.2 inches

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Weight180 g
Dimensions18.5 × 26 cm


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