About Us


Arts & Crafts Korea is a small family-run website situated on the outskirts of Seoul. We launched in mid-September of 2001, a few years after our family had returned to Korea after living several years abroad. Mom thought it would be a good idea to have a small business to keep her busy and we thought traditional Korean crafts and souvenirs would be the perfect item! Our numerous years abroad had made us appreciate our culture even more and we wanted to play a part in introducing it to those interested worldwide. We’re not a big corporation, but we take pride in being able to spread our culture through our business.

The Team


Mom works with Aunt to put together, package and ship orders. She also is in charge of maintaining stock.


Aunt supports Mom with orders and also myself with market research. Yes, she's the Internet savvy one!


Bro runs his own business and sometimes helps out with correspondence when I'm not available.


I'm in charge of all the tech & website tasks, the business aspect and customer support. Yes, when you send us an inquiry, most of the time you're talking to me!

Whether you would like to decorate your home, or give a gift to that special someone, we hope we will have that something special for you.

We hope you enjoy your visit here. Gamsa-hamnida!

The Arts & Crafts Korea Family