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Learn about DALGONA, the sugar candy in “Squid Game”!

If you’re Korean and grew up in Korea, then chances are you will know about DALGONA (aka “ppop-gi”), the sugar candy that was sold on the streets especially around schools. It’s a very traditional part of Korean culture and childhood for most. After school, we would hang around the small stores nearby and buy a snack or drink of which one was Dalgona, a toffee-like candy made by cooking sugar and soda over a fire. These sweets aren’t that special in terms of their ingredients, yet make up a special…

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Commemorating the 102nd Anniversary of the March 1st Movement!

This year marks the 102nd anniversary of the March 1st (Independence) Movement, known as “Samil-jeol” (삼일절) in Korean (which literally means “Three-One Movement”) as well as the establishment of Korea’s provisional government in 1919 during the Japanese occupation. Please take a few minutes to read an excerpt from Wikipedia regarding this historic day for Koreans. You can find the original here. (Image credit: HKKA Korean Language School.)   March 1st Movement The March 1st Movement was one of the earliest public displays of Korean resistance during the rule of Korea…

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