Hand-carved Hahoe Mask Plaque – Yangban & Bu-ne


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Two of the main Hahoe masks, the Yangban (aristocrat) mask is often seen paired with the Bu-ne mask. The smiling face represents the bluff and composure that an aristocrat is often known to have. The Bu-ne (young woman) mask represents either a widow, a kisaeng (traditional courtesan who is learned in poetry, dance, and the arts) or the concubine of the aristocrat or scholar (seonbi). Haeho masks were known to have been used in Hahoe-tal (Hahoe mask, where Hahoe denotes a region in the Gyeongsamnam-do province in Korea) dances since the Chosun Dynasty.

Considered a masterpiece in mask art, these hand-carved and painted masks are a great addition to your mask collection.

Masks come in a traditional pull-string pouch and can be given as a gift right away.

The Hahoe masks are a precious cultural inheritance. Among the numerous types of masks in Korea, the Hahoe masks are the only ones designates as national treasures (No. 121; 2 Pyongsan masks included). They are also appraised as worldwide masterpieces of mask art. It is said that the Hahoe masks were originally comprised of 12 masks, of which only nine remain. The three lost masks, the Ch’onggak(bachelor), Ttoktari(servant), and pyolch’ae (low-grade government official) masks, are known only by their names. (Excerpt from the Hahoe Mask Museum website. To read more, click here.)

As these are hand-carved pieces, please be aware that there may be imperfections in texture, color, and pattern. Masks are for decorative purposes, not for wearing. Length of ornamental string may vary and not be as long as shown in photos.

Dimensions – App. 10 x 15 cm / 3.94 x 5.9 inches

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