Buy Gift Wrapping for Your Order


  • Korean motif wrapping paper
  • String or ribbon
  • Gift tag or label
  • Postcard or card
  • Price is per item



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Would you like to have an item gift-wrapped? Simply add this to your cart.

Our gift-wrapping service means:

  1. We choose a traditional Korean motif wrapping paper and wrap your item.
  2. We tie a string/ribbon around your item and attach a gift tag or label.
  3. A small card/postcard is added.

Note 1: This is PER item. If the items in your order are items of similar size and volume, then you can add this item just once and request everything be wrapped together. If not, only one single item in your order will be gift wrapped.

** Examples
2 Notebooks + 1 Sticker Pack ======> Yay! These items can be wrapped together! 🙂
1 Doll + 1 Music Box ====== Sorry! They’re too bulky to be wrapped together! Please choose gift wrapping PER item! 🙁

Note 2: This is for when YOU are receiving the item and want to add a personal note before re-shipping it to your loved one. If you’d like us to write something for you, please mention so and leave a note in the memo section on the order total page by clicking ‘add gift wrap’ OR alternatively contact us with the details.

Please also browse our store for alternative card purchases.

Photo is to show our customers an example of our service.
Designs, motifs, etc. may change with each item, especially depending on the size of your merchandise.
Certain products such as single bookmarks or wrapping paper cannot be gift-wrapped.

Please contact us if you’d like to discuss!




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