[KCHF] Jwadokgi Flag Notebook – Sundials

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Unlined black notebook designed in the motif of the Jwadogki flags. Great for those everyday notes.

As one of the military flags of the Joseon Dynasty, it is called the jwadokgi (left dogki) or weukgi. As a symbol of the Joseon army, it is a rectangular flag erected in front of the chief general, the captain, and when stopped, the general in command of the army rises up and stands on the left in front of the commander. It is composed of Taegeuk, Graffiti, and the Eight Trigrams of Hucheon of King Wen.

Sundials are placed side by side on a stone slab: one sundial on which lines are carved around the north pole (which is called the Ganpyeongsundial) and the other sundial on which lines of longitude and latitude are carved around the south pole (Hongaesundial). The vertical and horizontal lines of the Ganpyeong sundial indicate time and twenty-four fortnightly periods respectively. The vertical lines of the Hongaesundial, with incremental distances between each other, represent time, while the bottom of the centerline points to the south indicates noon. 

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