Land of Squid Game


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Borrowing its title from the famous Netflix drama, this book is a great way to learn about the basics of Korean culture including traditional games and mannerisms. With a total of 129 explanations in both English and Korean with illustrations, this book is perfect for those interested in learning about Korean culture.

Section A: Korean Traditional Games 섹션 A: 한국 전통 놀이

1. Red Light, Green Light 무궁화꽃이 피었습니다
2. Paper Flip Game 딱지치기 게임
3. Dalgona Challenge 달고나 뽑기
… 16 more

Section B: Korean Culture and Behavior 섹션 B: 한국 문화와 행동

1. Bowing While Greeting 고개 숙여 인사하기
2. Respecting The Opinion of Elders In Making Decisions 중요한 의사 결정을 할 때, 어른들의 의견을 존중한다
3. Respect For Ancestors 조상에 대한 존경을 표한다
… 57 more

Section C: Fun Facts About Korea 섹션 C: 한국에 대한 흥미로운 사실들

1. Being One Year Old When Born 태어나자마자 한 살을 먹는다
2. Asking Blood Type Is Common 혈액형을 묻는 게 일반적이다
3. Valentine’s Day Is Only For Guys 발렌타인데이는 남자들만을 위한 날이다
… 47 more

Language: Korean, English

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