Metal Bookmark – Lattice Sam-Taegeuk


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Beautiful gold-plated, traditional-motif bookmark. A tassel is attached to the main body. (Color and design of tassel may vary according to product.)

A classy, elegant gift for any bookworm.

The Korean-style Sam-Taegeuk (three-part Grand Ultimate) symbol, used in Korean Shamanism, Neo-Confucianism, Daoism and Buddhism, symbolizes the Cheon-Ji-In Trinity: Heaven (blue), Earth (red), and Humanity (yellow). Heaven influences the Earth, which influences Humanity, which influences Heaven. A taegeuk symbol sits in the center of a latticed window design.

Dimensions – App. 3 x 7.7 cm / 1.18 x 3 inches

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Weight30 g
Dimensions3 × 7.7 cm


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